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About Wireless Microphone Systems

If just thinking about being on stage is enough to make you break into a cold sweat, you certainly do not need the additional complication of having to move around with a corded microphone. Wireless microphone systems are useful for theater productions, concerts, and any show where cables would be a nuisance. There are systems with handheld mics, lapel mics, and headsets, depending on the performer's needs. Wireless lapel microphone systems involve a small receiver that is worn on the body and a wire that goes up to place the microphone inconspicuously at the speaker's lapel. The disadvantage is that there may be more outside noise and the sound may change as the speaker's head turns. If these are issues, a wireless headset microphone system is a better choice. A headset keeps the mic close to the mouth, minimizing the gain necessary. The sellers on eBay have a wide range of wireless microphone systems and components to meet the needs of performers and public speakers.