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About Wireless Microphones

The singer's dance move would have been so smooth if he had not tripped over the microphone cord. Sometimes it is worth it to pay a little more for a high-quality wireless microphone. Musicians have long trusted brands like Shure wireless microphones for glitch-free feedback-free performance. They offer all the sound quality of wired mics without the tangle of on-stage cables that vocal artists usually have to deal with. A wireless microphone system includes a transmitter, which is often built into the mic's handle, the microphone itself, and the receiver. Wireless lapel microphones are a great hands-free option for performers and speechmakers, and they are often so inconspicuous that they are easily hidden in the clothing. There are also wireless mics specifically made to attach to guitars and other instruments. eBay has a wide selection of mics from big brands like Shure as well as lesser known brands. Look for other audio equipment like receivers and other components to match your new microphones.