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About Wireless Headphones TV

With a set of comfortable, high-fidelity wireless TV headphones as your companion to "Game of Thrones," you can enjoy every clamorous sword-clash and dragon-screech — even when your partner goes to sleep early. Wireless headphones are the ideal solution not only for enjoying top-quality surround-sound at night or in a home with thin walls, but also for people who are hard of hearing as well as people who simply prefer not to clutter up the den with tangled wires and boxy speakers. Turn on the game and roam back and forth from the kitchen to the living room without missing a moment of the play-by-play commentary. Experience sci-fi laser zaps as if they are whizzing right by your head. The large selection on eBay includes premium, feature-packed wireless TV headphones from top brands as well as cost-effective basic models from lesser-known manufacturers. Sony wireless TV headphones charge quickly when set down onto their attractive stand and are comfortable to wear for long stretches in front of the tube. Sennheiser wireless TV headphones offer uncompressed digital audio sound with rich bass and a dynamic surround effect, with handy manual volume controls built into the headset.