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About Wireless Dog Fence

When you do not want Rover roving over to your neighbors' houses, a wireless dog fence might be the best solution for both you and your dog. Dogs do require some training to learn to use a wireless electric dog fence, but it can be worth the effort in the long run. Many dogs are quick learners, depending on the breed, and you can often have the training completed in less than a week. Old electric fences required you to bury wiring around your yard, but you can skip that inconvenient and expensive step when you use a wireless dog fence. A wireless perimeter dog fence works on properties that are up to a few acres in size, and they come with detailed installation instructions and training manuals. Many also include rechargeable batteries and yard flags so that the dog can see where it is supposed to stop. Find the wireless dog fence that works for your yard when you choose from the wide inventory on eBay.

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