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About Wire Looms

Keep your cables untangled and tucked away neatly with a wire loom. Also referred to as a cable harness, this firm and stiff tubing wraps around individual and grouped cables to keep them orderly, maintained, and protected. You can even find split wire loom or braided wire loom in a variety of hues, to keep complicated cordage color coded for maximum efficiency and minimal confusion. You garden variety household wire loom material is quality plastic, but there is a whole range of wire looming on the market that is crafted from highly durable and heat resistant materials and specialty sleeving that protects cables and electronics in heavy duty environments and situations. Find the perfect variety of new or gently used wire looming and cable harness on eBay, and get you home office or media center looking like a wireless utopia in no time. With the right length and color, you can make your cords and cables practically disappear. What a sight for sore eyes and a relief for interior decorators.