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About Winter Olympics

Professional curlers, snowboarders, hockey players, lugers, and skiers have been competing in the Winter Olympics since 1924.You may not have been cheering from the sidelines, but you can still celebrate the achievements of your country's athletes by collecting Winter Olympics memorabilia. Whether you're interested in adding vintage souvenirs from the 1980 Winter Olympics or more current collectibles, there are many types of commemorative items available on eBay. Some keepsakes you'll see include Winter Olympic pins, hats, coins, medals, patches, and shirts. Hockey jerseys bearing the name of your favorite player make a great remembrance, and scoring anything signed is a boon for fans of the Games. You may want to pick up mementos to remind you of the most successful United States Games, which include the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid and the 2010 Games, in which the US set a record for the number of medals won. Grab the gold with your own Winter Olympics gear.