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About Winsor Newton

The deft strokes of the paintbrush build the colors on the canvas until a face emerges from the dark background shadows. With a squeeze from a tube of Winsor & Newton umber and a second squeeze of yellow ochre, and a few more brushstrokes, the woman's hair appears, blowing freely in an unseen breeze. In prehistoric times, man painted the walls of caves with pigments made from white chalk, colored earth and clay, and soot. As time went on, pigments made from vegetables and minerals colored the world of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. By the 19th century, oil paints, gouache, and watercolors colored the wood panels, canvases, and papers used in fine art. The partnership of chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton, who set out to develop better artists' paints, began the Winsor & Newton artists' supply company. When searching for artists' supplies, buyers turn to reliable sellers on eBay for Winsor & Newton oil paints and brushes. Whether you are looking for complete painting kits, sets, or individual tubes of paints and Winsor & Newton brushes, the careful descriptions and convenient shipping options allow you to select the best Winsor & Newton products for your artistic needs.