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About Winners Circles

Listen to the roar of the engines, feel the electricity of the crowd, and relive the excitement of your favorite drivers in their most memorable races with Winner's Circle NASCAR collectibles. Dale Earnhardt was one of the greatest names in racing. A NASCAR Hall of Fame driver with seven Cup championships, the indomitable number three is recognized as a symbol for the man known as The Intimidator. A wide assortment of Dale Earnhardt Winner's Circle racing collectibles is available on eBay. Add the Winner's Circle Dale Earnhardt 25th Anniversary Great Wins to your collection. Relive the memories of the 1998 Daytona 500, 1995 Brickyard 400, and even the 1979 race at Bristol where Earnhardt gained victory in the number two car. These authentic figures celebrate eight of the greatest races of his career. You can also find Winner's Circle Team Authentics through reliable sellers on eBay. Own a piece of racing history with the Winner's Circle number three Dale Earnhardt Team Authentic die-cast miniature of the Tasmanian Devil car from the 2000 race at Daytona. This miniature car also includes sheet metal from the actual car that Dale ran at Daytona. Own a piece of racing history or relive the moments with Winner's Circle NASCAR collectibles.