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About Windshield Decal

When it comes to showing your enthusiasm for your car or passion for its parent company, the devil is in the decal. With windshield decals, you can show the world that you are a diehard Silverado fan, love your Jetta, and express many more sentiments. These decals feature sticky adhesive surfaces, letting you peel them off of the accompanying label and attach them firmly to the inside windshield of your car. These decals vary in graphics and design. Some feature bold solid block letters stretching across the entire top portion of the windshield. Others feature the name of a company or car, like a Chevrolet windshield decal, with dark letters encased in a white silhouette. A classic Chevrolet symbol appears before the word "Silverado," giving the decal a classic appearance. In contrast, you can find a Ford windshield decal with the name of an iconic car, like a Mustang, in all capital letters. These letters appear in a glowing white and graphics of two mustangs line the sides. You can find windshield decals in plain white colors and look for others with special holographic effects too, for a bold look and attitude. Sticky adhesive seals these stickers to the windshield, but the adhesive removes easily, letting you peel the stickers off at any time. You can look for these decals on eBay, where a large inventory gives you many options to consider when choosing your decal.