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About Window Tint

The rising sun signals a new day, but if it gets in your eyes while driving, all signals point to Squint City. Window tint helps take the edge off of those rays when they are at their most blinding. Car window tint offers drivers and passengers built-in sun protection and increased privacy, making traveling more pleasant. The right level of tint also protects the car's interior from fading, cracking, and other UV damage. In some states, very dark tint is allowed on the side and rear windows, offering near complete privacy for passengers, a popular convention used in limousines. In fact, several states allow owners to put any level of window tint they want on rear and back windows; however, each state's laws vary, so that 70 percent front driver's side tint level allowed in California is not OK in Massachusetts where the limit is 35 percent. Although professional tinting jobs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, buying a simple window tint kit is a viable and cost-effective way to get the protection you need. The huge inventory of tinting supplies on eBay means that the tools and tint colors you want are just a few clicks away.