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About Wind Up Toys

Pop goes the weasel: The Jack-in-the-box is one of the most popular wind up toys among collectors, but it is not the only one. Collectors love to find rare tin wind up toys from the early 1900s. Vintage wind up toys began to lose popularity in the 1970s, when the invention of the small alkaline battery allowed motors to offer the same mechanism as the older toys. Marx wind up toys were in production from 1919 to 1978, and offer some of the most sought-after toys among collectors. The Marx Company is easy to spot because the toys are marked with MAR inside a circle with a large x, resembling a railroad crossing. Collectors looking for rare wind up toys can find a large assortment on eBay from reliable sellers. The convenient shipping options offered allow buyers to get their collections delivered right to their front door quickly, and at an affordable cost.