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About Wind Turbine

One of the first things you wanted to do when you closed on that hillside property was to build a wind turbine; you had an unobstructed view of the valley and the flow of breezes up the hill toward your new homestead were perfect for micro-generation. You were not interested in building a large turbine because it would offset the natural beauty of the location, but having a small wind turbine would be a perfect addition to your power generation. You carefully measured the plot of land where it would sit and determined that a 500-watt, 12-volt turbine with five blades would be just the right choice. Smaller turbines with multiple blades are often able to spin even with light winds and since you do not live in a wind tunnel, the ability to turn at even a five mph wind is enough for you. And you already know that you can find just the right wind turbine kit on eBay. The reliable sellers there have various wind turbine options, including self-supporting, rooftop-mounting, guyed, and more. Before you know it, your turbine will be up and spinning like a pro.