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About Wind Deflector

Maybe you don?t want quite so much wind in your hair, or maybe you?re trying to squeeze a little better mileage out of your car or truck. If so, you can save a surprising amount of money in several ways by adding a wind deflector. Motorcycle wind deflectors direct the airflow around the rider, reducing the buffeting the rider must take. Likewise, sunroof wind deflectors eliminate the turbulence inside the cabin created when the sunroof is open. They are made of handsome tinted acrylic, which extends over the sunroof opening to shade the sun. Side window deflectors perform the same function so you can open the side windows in greater comfort, as do rear window deflectors for pickup trucks. These also enable you to let fresh air in and stale heat out without letting the rain in at the same time. So-called bug-flectors redirect insects away from your windshield. A truck wind deflector reduces air drag and increases gas mileage. Scoops and spoilers are really wind deflectors: they direct airflow upwards to add traction to the rear wheels, increasing power and mileage. You can find these and just about every conceivable variety of wind deflector on eBay. Most of these accessories install in seconds and will add lasting value and comfort for the life of your vehicle.