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About Winch Rope

From the mountains of Montana to the Mississippi swamps, grown-up kids-at-heart still enjoy playing in the mud. Whether you are piloting a Jeep or an ATV, serious off-road enthusiasts and mud lovers understand the importance of a reliable winch and sturdy winch rope for getting vehicles out of sticky predicaments. The Dyneema synthetic winch rope cable 5000 is extremely lightweight and buoyant yet stronger than most steel cables. It features a protective sleeve that blocks overheating and slippage on the drum, and because it does not fray, it is easy to handle. The 50-foot by 1/4-inch cable fits most off-road SUVs and ATVs. People looking for the "Incredible Hulk" of winch cables can turn to the Tuff Stuff Xtreme Dyneema synthetic winch rope featuring 12-strand braided Dyneema fiber that does not recoil when broken. With rock-guard shield and UV and water resistance, this sturdy 92-foot cable lasts a lifetime. Whether you are pulling vehicles from a mud puddle or a murky bog, a dependable winch rope makes all the difference. Shop for ATV winch ropes, replacement cables, and more from the vast inventory on eBay.