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About Wilwood Brakes

If your vehicle brakes are letting out that sorrowful squeal or groan and do not heed your commands as effectively as before, then you could use a set of Wilwood brakes. You can find a multitude of sizes to fit the make of your vehicle among the vast inventory on eBay. If you are a fan of American muscle cars and vintage hot rods, then consider the Wilwood big brake kit made with billet forged Dynalite calipers. These have the advantage of larger 12.19-inch diameter rotors. With high-performance Wilwood brake pads, they have excellent stopping response. They come with the option of a custom caliper finish and rotor design. If you like showing off your personalized vehicles at top car shows, you'll like this. Since Wilwood makes brake systems for street performance, drag racing, motorcycles, and open wheel models, you can be sure to find the Wilwood brakes that suit your needs. If standard OEM designs are what you seek, GNX4 brake kits are a good example. With stainless steel pistons and high-temperature seals, these brakes rise to the challenge of common rust and seal cracking issues. Get your vehicle back in tip-top shape with Wilwood brakes.

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