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About Wilson A2K

You glide your fingers along the soft leather seam and soak up the many memories of playing catch in the backyard with Dad. Holding a Wilson A2K baseball glove after all these years still holds the same power it always did. You return to those carefree summer afternoons of fielding grounders in the dirt and sweating through the bug spray. Your trusty Wilson A2K DW5 glove never let you down, and kept several, if not all, balls from going through the legs. Within the vast inventory on eBay, several styles, colors, and sizes are available for baseball players old and young. The smooth braiding on the outer edges of the deep pocket is still just as smooth as it always have been. The classic "W" logo on the thumb joint and back of the wrist are still in the same place. But the newer versions of the Wilson A2K DW5, the 1796, and other models, luckily feature dual welting on the fingers for added support and double pocket construction for more stability. Whether you are a righty or a lefty, Wilson has the perfect glove for you.