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About Willys Wagon

The first station wagon and SUV for consumers, the Willys Jeep station wagon hit the road in 1946. With a choice of a two-door wagon, two-door panel truck, and a four-door wagon, the Willys wagon had an easy-to-produce, sturdy steel body. With a curb weight of up to two tons or more, the original 463 model had a flathead four-cylinder L134 Go Devil under the hood. An L148 straight six engine replaced the original motor in 1948's 663 model, and 1949 saw the addition of four-wheel drive. The models introduced in the 1950s included the 473, the 673, the 685, and finally, the Maverick model in 1958. With more comfortable appointments than its Spartan predecessors, the 1958 Maverick got its name from the television show it sponsored, starring James Garner. Boxy and unassuming, Willys vehicles are unmistakable, with a straightforward, nostalgic charm. The Willys enjoyed a 20-year production run, finally driving off into the sunset in 1965, when the Jeep Wagoneer eclipsed it. Browse the diverse listings on eBay for a classic Willys wagon or Jeep wagon, with two-tone paint, a single color, or the iconic Woody paneled wagon. More than a great retro ride, the Willys is a conversation starter and piece of American automobile history.