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About Willow Tree Nativity

The weather outside is cold, multicolor lights adorn the house, and the cheery sounds of carols seem to be ever-present. All around you are signs of the celebration of Christmas, but your Willow Tree nativity scene is at the heart of your family's observation of the season. This simple decoration may be a subtle addition to your home, but it is a beautiful reference to the true reason behind the holiday. These nativity scenes are characterized by a rustic design reminiscent of traditional wood carving and faceless figures with only the most basic of detail. Purchase an entire set that includes the most important elements of the nativity story, or choose each individually to create your own display. Tuck figurines of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus into the crèche, and surround them with the watchful animals that shared their sleeping quarters the night of Jesus's birth. Add the Three Wise Men just outside, perhaps creating a family tradition of moving these figurines gradually closer to the family between Christmas and Epiphany to simulate the travel these men endured to meet the newborn. The large inventory on eBay lets you create a Willow Tree nativity you look forward to bringing out every year.