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About Willie Nelson

Are you into law-and-order authoritarianism or more a fan of outlaw authenticity? No, this is not about anarchy, but about country music and its “outlaw” subgenre pioneered by artists like Willie Nelson in the 1960s and 70s. Willie Nelson is a household name known as much for his trademark long hair, philanthropy, and laid back style as for his criticism of the music industry during the Outlaw Country movement. Regardless, his fans are a loyal bunch, continually tapping into his non-conformist, outlaw mindset with everything from Willie Nelson t-shirts to posters and guitars modeled after his own. Plus, using eBay’s reliable sellers to find this great memorabilia helps fans tap into their inner outlaw without breaking the bank. To some, he will always simply be The Red Headed Stranger. In reality, Willie Nelson has spent most of his life bringing the music he loves to those who share his passion, writing more than 2,500 songs and recording close to 300 albums during this time, and owning a piece of this legend is one small way to satisfy the outlaw in you.

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