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About Wii Mario Games

Mario is the most iconic video game character in the history of home consoles and Wii Mario games are his latest incarnation in this legendary career. Check out the massive selection of Wii Mario games titles available on eBay for you to enjoy by yourself or with a friend who has never experienced the adventures of this famous plumber. The Wii Mario Games Collection is the 25th anniversary edition of the franchise and features every classic Mario game ever created. It uses the power of the Wii to update these classic titles and make them look more polished. You can find a brand new game in its original packaging, but you can only play it on consoles that feature Japanese support. Nintendo also has a deep roster of other classic characters in its game canon. The Wii Mario game lot features titles ranging from "Zelda," "Donkey Kong Country," and "Kirby," in addition to Mario titles.