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About Wiha

As one of the world’s leading hand tool manufacturers, Wiha creates innovative tools with standards well above those of their competitors. Seventy years of designing high-quality tools for industry and trade professionals results in screwdrivers with 40 percent more torque, “SoftFinish” handles, and unparalleled durability. Each precision slotted screwdriver has rotating caps for precise turning while the tapered plastic handle allows for rapid rotation when you need it. Every blade contains Wiha’s exclusive steel formula, which is super hardened and finished with chrome, and the tips are precision cut to exact tolerances to give you the ideal fit every time. For an even more wear-resistant tool, Wiha Torx has a patented non-slip grip that doesn’t crack or disintegrate even if you expose it to petroleum solvents. High-density materials separate Wiha tools from the pack and give you the maximum force you need with the comfort of an ergonomically-shaped handle. Reliable sellers on eBay also have new and gently used tools available for purchase. If comfort and long-lasting materials are critical for your projects, Wiha can deliver on quality with tough-as-nails tools.