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About WiFi SD Card

Your trusty DSLR camera may not have all the newest bells and whistles, but it still takes outstanding pictures, and with a Wi-Fi SD card, you can back up your photos to the web as easily and wirelessly as with any brand-new camera. In fact, with a Wi-Fi card, you can take professional-quality photos with your fully manual SLR camera and then upload them immediately to your social media profile with the same convenience as your smartphone. Whether you prefer a spacious 32 GB or a cost-effective 4 GB Wi-Fi SD card, the large inventory on eBay includes different storage levels as well as varying types of wireless network connectivity. Some cards allow you to shoot photos and view them instantaneously on as many as three different devices at once. Instantly review your work on a bright, high-definition tablet or laptop instead of the tiny, low-resolution camera display, and then choose which images to keep and which to discard. Collaborate with others by sharing the images on multiple devices. Different memory card manufacturers provide free smartphone and tablet apps compatible with Android and Apple operating systems, although for older camera compatibility, be sure to check the Wi-Fi SD card manufacturer's website.