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About WiFi Boosters

You keep buying expensive routers in hopes that you can blanket every inch of your house with wireless signal, but all to no avail. Rather than try yet another wireless router, pick up a Wi-Fi booster instead. This nifty device picks up the weak wireless signal from your router, amplifies it, and then broadcasts it farther than your router. A Wi-Fi signal booster functions as a repeater as well as a booster. With a signal booster, you can easily ensure that every part of your house receives a strong wireless signal. A Wi-Fi booster brings wireless freedom into your basement and den, allowing you to upload that pool party video from the far end of the house and keep your widely separated security cameras linked. With the large inventory of wireless networking equipment available on eBay, finding the right Wi-Fi range booster is only a click away. Get ready to kiss your wireless dead zone issues goodbye.