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About Wife Beaters

Your week is active, with yard work, and Yoga, and cleaning the house. A wife beater shirt gives you maximum flexibility and comfort when you're working hard. This type of shirt is simply any type of sleeveless shirt, often a t-shirt or undershirt. Either sex can wear a wife beater, though they were originally marketed to men as an undershirt worn under other clothing. Ribbed and flat options exist. Athletes often wear these as a way of helping to minimize sweat. If you are looking for a white wife beater, which tends to be the most common option because it easily hides behind other clothing, the reliable sellers on eBay have exactly what you are after. You can choose from a range of other colors as well. A variety of companies manufacturer this style of shirt, including Hanes and others. Though its name may have negative connotations, a wife beater is simply a t-shirt. Pick up a package of these for everyday use.