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About Wideband

Many men spend their spare time hunting, fishing, or playing sports. You, on the other hand, enjoy showing off your latest car, which happens to use wideband technology to create an exceptionally fine-tuned motor. A sense of pride flows through you when you witness the shocked look on your friends’ faces when you rev up the motor and allow them to witness your Mustang’s powerful engine. Of course, your friends have many questions, so you explain to them how the wideband kit you purchased allows for fuel control, and then show them how the system works. As your friends look on in awe, you explain how the wideband O2 sensor you purchased from eBay precisely monitors the air/fuel ratio for up to 9 hours and provides fast data, which appears on the displays. After the satisfaction of a job well done subsides, the only drawback that comes to mind is that all of your buddies are going now going to expect you to install similar systems on their vehicles.