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About Wholesale T Shirts

T-shirts may not cost as much as designer handbags or fancy leather shoes, but they can still add up if you have to buy a lot of them at once. Wholesale T-shirts cut out the middlemen and all the costs that come with them, letting you get your shirts in bulk for a lot less than retail price. If you are a talented graphic designer or silk screen printer, then pick up packages of wholesale blank T-shirts for that next big order. You can print your own designs and launch your own clothing line or make custom tees for local customers. Use wholesale T-shirts to print custom shirts for your sports team, school band, or volunteer club. Get promotional shirts printed for your business or event. Wholesale T-shirts come in packages of 50, 100, and sometimes even more. You can choose bundles or lots with just one color, or choose a mix of different colors. Sellers on eBay offer a huge range of wholesale white T-shirts, black shirts, red shirts, and other colors in men's, women's, and children's sizes.