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About Whitman Coins and Paper Money

As a coin collector, you may recognize the name Whitman as a publisher of the Whitman coin boards and coin collecting books. You may even use Whitman boards to store your coins. Since 1938, collectors have used these coin boards and books to neatly organize and store their collectible coins, in denominations ranging from quarters to twenty-dollar gold pieces. But what you may not know is that, while Whitman is most famous for its coin storage solutions, it also published children?s books, coin collecting manuals, and even books about television shows. Did you know that you could read about the Clampetts in their very own "Beverly Hillbillies" book? You can find other television show books published by Whitman for sale from many of the reliable sellers on eBay, including books based on Bonanza and Huckleberry Finn. Whether you want books or coin-collecting supplies, Whitman has a lot of variety to offer.

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