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About Whiting Lily

If you, like most of us, were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, it is not too late to pick one up! The Whiting Lily pattern and other sterling service sets are readily available and easy to purchase from reliable sellers on eBay. The ornate design of Whiting Lily Sterling Silver is a beautiful addition to any collection. The sterling silver Lily pieces are heavy and intricately carved to show their extraordinary design. A distinctive cursive “L” appears on each serving piece. Relish in the luxury of the Whiting Lily fork, knife, and spoon, or choose from a variety of other styles and patterns. However, if you are not the ostentatious type and heavy design feels like too much for your dining room table, Oneida White Lily and other more affordable stainless flatware is readily available as well. Choose a set that matches your needs and your home. Wow your guests at your next dinner party, and let them think that you’re used to this level of style and sophistication.

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