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About Whitetail Deer Head Mounts

You have no desire to cool your heels in a frigid hunting blind, waiting in vain for a big buck to cross your path. However, that does not mean you cannot decorate your home or office with whitetail deer head mounts. The vast inventory on eBay includes mounts that allow you to enjoy the majesty of these creatures, even if you do not even own a hunting rifle. Whitetail deer head mounts are common wall decor in log cabins, rustic lodges, ski chalets, and country cottages. Bucks are the most popular mounts because of the added appeal of the antlers, but does are also available if you prefer a more feminine touch. In addition to their value as decorations, buck mounts sometimes serve as coat racks and jewelry displays. The antlers make convenient "hooks" for hanging various types of items. Several display options exist for deer mounts, including small mounts that are not visible when the head is on the wall and large mounts made of wood or metal that create a decorative border around the neck and shoulders.