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About White Turquoise

White turquoise is commonly used to make jewelry and is easy to dye. Turquoise is actually a misnomer as it is actually called howlite, but is referred to as white turquoise, white buffalo turquoise, or white buffalo stone. Your friends will gasp when they see you arrive wearing a white buffalo turquoise necklace from eBay that closely resembles pearls. For a more crafted look, wear a sterling silver leaf pendant with authentic Navajo white turquoise inset or silver oval ring. A turtle pendant makes a remarkable addition to a chain or set of charms, but you could add hand-carved turquoise charm instead. To give your formal outfit more impact, consider a white turquoise and olive rhinestone bib pendant on a gold chain that looks classy, yet somehow tribal. These beautifully veined stones have a marble-like patina and are available as loose beads and gems for your own jewelry-making projects. Use a few beads to customize and accessorize your existing jewelry, or make yourself something special from scratch.