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About White T-shirt

Every artist must start with a blank canvas, and the fashion equivalent of this sentiment is the white t-shirt. If you're creating a piece of clothing, either as part of a large corporation or as a simple crafter, a plain white t-shirt offers nearly endless possibilities to become a stylish addition to any outfit. Paint on some phrases, a collage, or a unique image; add embellishments like sequins, stud metalwork, zippers, or buttons; or alter the fabric by making it a crop top, cutting pieces out to create side vents, adding edgy holes, and so much more. Even without any of these additions, you can wear a simple shirt such as a white V-neck T-shirt as a fashion statement: paired with dark jeans, a blazer, and a statement necklace, the white shirt acts as a neutral piece that helps tie the whole outfit together. Go on eBay to find a new or gently used white t-shirt so you can add this vital basic to your wardrobe.