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About White Skirt

No white after Labor Day has gone the way of Birkenstocks and fanny packs. A white skirt, trouser, or dress can be worn year round, as long as it's styled correctly. When selecting white clothing it is important to keep two things in mind: lining and fit. White clothing, specifically a white skirt or dress, should fit tailored, but not tight. Tight white clothes emphasize every curve, roll, or bump in your body. When looking for a short white skirt, ensure that it is completely lined with a satin, silk, or cotton lining. This will ensure that even in bright sunlight, onlookers will see nothing more than your sense of style. A long white skirt should be lined at least to the mid-thigh or knee line. Search eBay for a wide range of styles and sizes from reliable seller. The best part about white clothing is that it matches anything. Pair white with bold teal or coral in the summer and opt for muted navy, tan, and brown in the winter. Forget about risking a fashion faux pas, and wear white when you want.