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About White Scarf

Certainly comfortable, a tank top does not always provide enough coverage in changeable weather. A white scarf is ideal for keeping your shoulders covered when a cool breeze picks up. It is also a lovely color suitable to pair with almost any other shade. A simple white knit scarf works well for a casual or semi-formal outfit. Pair a large scarf with a dress to serve as an impromptu shawl. Pick up that white silk scarf to wear into work or maybe wear over your thin blouse if the air conditioning gets too cold. Alternatively, keep it relaxed with a white scarf round your neck, a pair of jeans, and a jacket. Scarves make flexible accessories in both new and used condition. Available on eBay from reliable sellers with a large selection, the white scarf is almost as essential to the wardrobe as the little black dress. By the way, you can wear the scarf with that too.