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About White Lightning

True lovers of diecast toy vehicles know the thrill of finding a genuine Johnny Lightning White Lightning car or truck. Johnny Lightning has been making small-scale diecast cars and trucks since the late '60s with an interruption from '72 to '94, when the brand was reopened with new ownership. Although people know Johnny Lightning among toy enthusiasts for the quality feel that its heavy bodies and chassis give them and the availability of an incredibly broad array of themes, including a White Lightning Mustang and VW, Johnny Lightning White Lightning vehicles are even more special. These collectibles, available from reliable eBay sellers, are slightly modified versions of regular runs that do not include a label on the packaging, but rather, wait for the discerning eye to choose them. Although not all white markings on these cars indicate that they are indeed the special 1 percent of production, this may indicate this exalted status. When you are looking to build your collection or just appreciate having a piece of quality craftsmanship to remind you of the car in which you learned to drive, White Lightning has something to get you excited.

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