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About White Gold Necklace

Gold is the gold standard as far as jewelry is concerned, but the warm yellow of this precious metal isn't for everyone. When you want a gold necklace but don't think the color is right for your skin (or your wardrobe), look for a white gold necklace instead. Very few pieces of jewelry are made of pure gold because it's so malleable; a solid gold ring would be so soft that you would wear it away in weeks and a chain would break easily. Instead, gold is alloyed with other metals. In the case of white gold, this is often zinc, nickel, or even platinum. Occasionally, it's plated with rhodium (a metal with many of the same qualities as platinum) for an even brighter white sheen. Most gold is either 14 or 18 karat, where one karat represents 1/24 by weight. Thus an 18K white gold necklace is 75 percent gold. Browse eBay to find a new or secondhand white gold necklace. You'll find men's as well as women's gold necklaces in a variety of styles to complement any look. Now you can enjoy the luxury of gold jewelry without the tacky yellow color.