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About White Gold Engagement Ring

A bride to be loves to wear a white gold engagement ring on her big day because these rings are more durable than regular gold rings, and they match with any stone and any outfit. White gold is created by combining gold with at least one other white metal, like nickel, manganese, or palladium. It is measured in karats like other types of gold and silver. White gold with silver or palladium has the highest number of karats, but rings with more karats and more gold are less durable. You can buy a white gold ring by itself or with a matching wedding ring. White gold solitaire engagement rings with one large diamond, or other gemstones, are especially popular. A white gold engagement ring setting usually has the prongs to hold a large stone with smaller stones to accent it. This way, you can find your own large stone and put together your own ring. Use the reliable sellers on eBay to find or customize the best engagement ring for you.

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