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About Whitall Tatum

The Whitall Tatum Company was one of the first glass manufacturers in America and played a large part in the history of electric wires. Starting in 1922, the Whitall Tatum insulator could be seen on any roadside telephone and telegraph pole. The Whitall Tatum No. 1 insulator was used to prevent the loss of the electric current during transmissions, insulating the wires as they spanned from pole to pole. Produced through the late nineteenth century, the Whitall Tatum bottle was originally cast in metal molds, and then later in ceramic and wooden molds, which left no casting line. These bottles were used in the pharmacy for prescriptions and perfumes, by barbers, and even for fruit jars. They were produced in a variety of shapes and sizes and, like all Whitall Tatum glass objects, are highly collectible. eBay's reliable sellers offer a large range of Whitall Tatum insulators and bottles. Convenient shipping options will have you adding a beautiful new Whitall Tatum product to your glass collection in no time.