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About Whiskey Barrels

Your friends know you enjoy a neat Jack Daniels every now and again, but when they catch a glimpse of the authentic full-size whiskey barrel acting as a table in your basement lounge, they will realize that your appreciation of the good stuff runs deep. The large inventory of whiskey barrel merchandise on eBay includes barrels big and small, authentic and novelty. A half-barrel planter adds a spirited touch to your patio or garden, while a small, new 2-liter oak barrel can be either an ornamental piece for your bar or an actual barrel for storing or aging your own whiskey or wine. Personalized barrels make great gifts, and come with their own stands for display. Traditionally, whiskey barrels are made from charred white oak, although ornamental barrels need not adhere to the craft tradition. There are bottle openers in the shape of whiskey barrels, as well as flasks, shot glasses, and more. A barrel on its own functions well as an accent piece, while barrels with finished tabletops attached also make remarkable furnishings.