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About Whirligigs

Whirligigs originated in China and were often incorporated into hair jewelry for the ruling classes before later use as weathervanes. While you might not wear a whirligig in your ponytail these days, they do add a whimsical touch to your yard or garden when a gentle breeze rolls through. Pieces of this charming yard art often feature scenes of rural life, such as men rowing boats or farmers using tractors, and these motifs are still common. Designs are sometimes very simple with few moving parts, but many are elaborate works of bright art twirling in the wind, sure to catch the eyes of passersby. Find a hand-carved, wooden whirligig of a lumberjack chopping wood, a sailboat moving back and forth across waves, or a duck with twirling wings that flap on a windy day. Or, look for lightweight nylon designs with colors that will not fade in the sun or rain. Some of the more detailed pieces you can buy even feature motorized moving parts that continue to entrance even when there is no breeze. If you can dream up your ideal design, chances are great that you can find it available. The trustworthy sellers on eBay offer many new and vintage whirligigs to add that special touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your lawn.

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