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About Whelen

Whelen has earned a reputation for keeping the bad guys out, while ensuring that the good guys get to keep all of their possessions. The company's dedication to producing premium security products and systems has helped millions of business owners and homeowners save money on theft-related expenses, and not only do they save money by not having to purchase replacement items, but they also enjoy lower insurance costs that correlate with little or no theft. You can integrate an entire Whelen security system into your home or business or choose to buy components like the Whelen Siren by browsing the listings on eBay. Constructed with solid materials, this siren emits a shrieking sound that alarms even the stoutest of burglars. You can also scare away prankster kids with a siren that only goes off when triggered by human motion. Additionally, Whelen lights shine brightly in the remotest sections of your property to warn unwanted guests that you have them under surveillance. These lights resist corrosion and impact damage, as well as provide you with long-lasting durability. You can make out like a bandit yourself by shopping on eBay, where reputable sellers offer new and used Whelan security products and systems that can help to keep your home safe, secure, and burglar-free.