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About Wheel Weights

Accelerating to highway speeds, you suddenly notice an alarming shaking in your vehicle's wheels. This is sometimes a balance issue, in which case you need wheel weights and a balancing machine to balance your vehicle's tires. A balancing machine spins the wheels at high speeds and determines the heaviest points on the tires. Wheel balancing weights typically stick to or clamp onto wheels opposite those heaviest points to compensate for the imbalance. Stick-on weights are easy to use, and they do not cause damage to the barrels. Clip-on styles, on the other hand, sometimes cause damage when attached to alloy wheels. Stick-on weights clip to size to ensure proper weight, and they attach to the insides of the barrels, as opposed to pounding into the edges of the wheels. Both clip-on and stick-on styles are typically lead, and lead wheel weights come in different weight increments to achieve the proper weights for balancing the tires. Balanced wheels are essential for your safety. If you need to balance your tires, wheel weights are widely available on eBay to help you keep your tires rotating smoothly and safely.