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About Wheel Decals

Rapidly spinning wheels provide prime real estate for eye-catching graphics, bold patterns, and striking colors. Wheel decals provide a way to transform a plain wheel into one with a unique design. Within the large inventory on eBay, there are wheel decal stickers that are applied to either the tire or the rim in order to change the look of a wheel. You can increase your visibility and safety when riding a bike by applying reflective bicycle wheel decals to your rims. These decals catch light from streetlights and headlights on the roads, illuminating the wheels in the night. Decals that are placed on the rims of bikes, cars, motorcycles, and trucks can double as a protective coating, guarding the rims against rust and sometimes making them easier to clean. Many drivers like to add contrasting decals directly to the dark wheels to create interesting optical illusions or to proudly display their favorite brand names or racing team names. As they can quickly be applied to a clean, dry surface, wheel decals make it incredibly easy to completely transform a tire.

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