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About Wheel Chocks

Ralph and Betty are enjoying their "snowbird" days. When the weather turns too chilly or snowy, they pack up their RV and travel south to a warmer spot, park their fifth-wheel, secure it with a couple of wheel chocks, and hang out the "Welcome to our Other Home" sign. The new polypropylene RV wheel chocks that Ralph found on eBay are high impact, lightweight and easy to clean. They secure that trailer even when it gets a little rockin'. Just to make Betty feel safe, Ralph even bought a pair of slightly used truck wheel chocks that he places around the wheels of his Ford F350, especially if they are parked in an area that's not real flat. Then, when it gets too hot, or Betty gets to missing the grandkids too much, she packs up the kitchen while Ralph tucks the chairs and equipment in the RV, then he pulls the wheel chocks and locks them in the exterior trailer compartment and off they go down the road again. This is the life, that's for sure.

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