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About Wheel Balancer

The vibration increases as you increase speed and you know it is time to balance your wheels. You can balance your own tires with a wheel balancer with machines available in manual and electronic models. Manual balancers are typically lightweight and portable, and many feature a bubble level to identify heavy spots. Once you place your wheel on the portable wheel balancer, you identify light spots based on the direction that the bubble leaves the circle and you apply stick-on or clamp-on wheel weights to balance out the wheel. These machines are more economical than other wheel balancing machine types, but they are not quite as accurate. Electronic machines utilize a computer to identify light spots and they also take the guesswork out of balancing as they typically identify exactly how much weight needs to be added and where to add it on the wheel. Balancing your own tires is easy with a wheel balancer, and the large inventory of both manual and electronic options available on eBay makes it easy to find the right unit to get the job done.