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About Wheel Adapters

You need a tire that is just a little bit bigger than the ones you currently use, and they need to sit out a little further than your tires normally do. Since the new wheels use a different lug pattern, you need some wheel adapters. These are aluminum hubs that have holes for your existing lugs, as well as new posts for the wheel you attach. ATV wheel adapters work in the same way, except they also add stabilizing features that help the ATV stay on the path. If you are planning to add wheels that have a different lug pattern, then you need to look for wheel adapters 5 lug to 6 lug. This means that the vehicle itself only has 5 lugs, so the adapter has 5 lug openings. On the other side, the adapter has 6 lugs to fit into the new wheel. No matter what wheel adapters you need for your vehicle, the vast inventory on eBay means that you can find just the right ones to get the right wheels onto your car or truck.