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About Wheaties

Coined "The Breakfast of Champions," Wheaties has long been associated with athletes. This crunchy bran cereal is known for putting the most famous athletes on its box, and some vintage Wheaties box designs have become collectors' items as a result. For example, a vintage Wheaties signed box featuring a legend like Walter Payton, Arnold Palmer, or Michael Phelps on it is much more than a well-balanced breakfast, because it's also a rare collectible for sports fans. This General Mills cereal began putting star athletes on its boxes in the 1930s, and some of the most famous boxes that you can find on eBay from reliable sellers include those featuring icons like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Mary Lou Retton. Meant to inspire young people to reach for their dreams and become motivated toward fitness and health, these star-powered cereal boxes are a staple at the breakfast table. Eating a bowl of Wheaties is synonymous with sports, and although you may never share a gallon of orange juice with Michael Jordan, you can feel like you're eating breakfast with the legend when you buy a box of Wheaties.

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