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Take on the ripcurls and stay warm at the same time. A wetsuit insulates your body, but it also protects your skin. eBay offers a vast selection of men's and women's wetsuits and even mini suits for the kids. Check out these tips before you dive in.

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About Wetsuits

The sun is shining, and the mist is rising up off the water. Ordinarily, this is a beautiful sight, but as you wade in shivering, you wish you had borrowed your friend's wetsuit. Biting cold water temperatures may be good for a quick dip, but prolonged water play is out of the question. A wetsuit provides the extra layer of warmth you need to battle cold water. To get the whole family into the water without complaints, a perfectly proportioned kid's wetsuit makes a great swimming accessory. Some wetsuits are equipped with UVA/UVB protection for active kids who spend lots of time in the water, while others feature durable neoprene material to hold in warmth. For the avid surfer who wants to catch the biggest waves, even if it means hanging out in cold water, the buoyant and well-insulated surf wetsuits are a good option. A combination of neoprene and nylon material improves comfort and warmth, and some suits have extra padding around the knees for added support and protection. Whether you need one wetsuit or several, eBay's reliable sellers offer new and used products for every water lover.