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About Westmoreland Milk Glass

Looking for a unique antique to add to your collection? Look no further than the detailed designs of the Westmoreland Milk Glass company. With the reliable sellers of eBay, you can discover tons of beautifully handcrafted Westmoreland Milk Glass candy dishes, goblets, bowls, jars, and other decorative pieces for your home. Westmoreland's history starts in 1889 in Pennsylvania where the company took advantage of the area's plentiful natural gas resources to make some of the finest pressed glass items ever created. Decades after closing their doors in 1984, Westmoreland Milk Glass vases, bowls, and jars offer a true American made antique for any collector of fine glass. For the collector of fine pressed and cut glass pieces, a Westmoreland Milk Glass product brings a piece of artwork into the home, not just an ordinary piece of glasswear. From plant design to animal designs and more, Westmoreland provides an interesting item for everyone. Find the one that's right for your collection and enjoy a true piece of history for yourself.