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About Westfalia

Like Transformers, specially-converted Westfalia vans look completely unassuming to most people who would never realize what these campers can transform into when the need arises. With loads of features on top of the OEM parts that come with a standard VW van, these campervans make any collector and camping enthusiast drool. You can find many styles of VW Westfalia bus on eBay, but the most popular are the vans with the pop-up tops that allow you to stand up inside of the van and also add an extra bunk bed for sleeping. Many campervans feature small kitchen areas with sinks and a fold down dining table with seats. Carry and sleep up to five passengers without problems. A small coat closet hidden next to the sliding side door lets you keep a few items unpacked and ready to wear. Thousands of these Westfalia vans were produced during the 1970s and early 1980s. Restored, used condition campervans are prized for their rounded funky style by collectors, while avid campers enjoy the multiple functions that are cramped into each one. Enjoy the commonsense design of a VW Westfalia Vanagon on your next trip.