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About Western Stoneware Crocks

Since 1906, Western Stoneware crocks have graced the pantries and porches of homes throughout the United States and the world. Made from their signature rough-hewn material similar to porcelain, but much thicker, these functional pieces of Americana are both elegant and sturdy and are available from the large inventory on eBay. A Western Stoneware jug in single gallon, 2- or 3-gallon size is ideal for holding that batch of homemade wine to share with the neighbors. Decorate the front porch with a few cobalt-striped, cream-colored crocks to create some country charm or find a fitted cork and use the crock as water container. Fill your vintage 8-gallon Western Stoneware crock patterned with blue maple leaves with colorful fresh flowers and create the elegant centerpiece for a backyard barbecue. From 1906 until 1930, the unique brown, cream, and blue patterns of the Western Stoneware crocks became staples in homes across America, but these sturdy containers are now the delight of collectors who appreciate their country flair. Choose the crock that reminds you of your summers at grandma's house, and share your Western Stoneware crockery passion with a whole new generation.

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